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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

Hmmmm...something tells me the Gorgor are about to revise their judgments of the species of the Alpha Quadrant. The Cardassian willingness to die for the Rathosians, in contrast to the Federation's moral that the Gorgor have seen the Prime Directive in its full "glory," I cannot imagine they'll be impressed. By inaction, they told the Talarians it was OK to go on and do what they are doing.

Ram should have acted sooner. Period. It's good that her conscience has finally moved her--that she finally listened to the suffering she was condoning by inaction--but something tells me that in Gorgor eyes, this will be dismissed as too little, too late.

As for the Cardassians...I'm glad that at least people like Zamarran are coming to understand that they cannot whine and hide themselves and give the middle finger to everyone, like a two-year-old with a very foul mouth, and then complain about how everybody hates them and misjudges them when all they've shown the rest of the galaxy until recently is violence (and I include the coup in that, since I do not think that was the optimal response to the Federation's unreasonable demands). They have to earn it.

What Brenok and th'Arshar did to save Saratt was a wonderful start.

This offers further proof. It shows they can be consistent in this.

Now, they are really starting to earn it.

Oh, and Gul Daro! I can already tell that your Daro is different than mine--but I can see that thoughtful nature and that soft voice. And his clear aversion to violence and rash action.
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