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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

I was working on 12 but only finished up through 7 and started on the 8th one. Those storys were migrated to a new site in 2009 and development continued on some. Those that i wrote have been put on hold due to my commitments to Ajax. Others have been still writing new material. There have been offers to host a Ajax site by different people. And it is my intention to migrate all that material to any new Ajax site to perpetuate the material so it won't be lost. Having too many eggs in one basket is asking for trouble if one or more sites close. I would like to see my stories produced, but I seriously doubt if Jimm and Josh can't even do theirs first, that they would be doing mine either. But i hope to jumpstart them in teeing everything up they need to do more Exeter. But even if I succeeded in getting everything in place for them to do more Exeter, they have to want to. And that is the ultimate deciding factor. I want them to.
It's ok to release a bad fan film. What is not ok is fighting/hating on those you ask what they think, delete the discussion, etc. Expect the next guy to stomp on you doing the fans a favor. Releasing fan films is not a blank check to be an asshole.

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