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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

And we're back...picking up now with some new poster's questions...


I would like to know why Pocketbooks continues to upset and offend so many of their readers by ignoring the wishes of Janeway fans and refusing to bring her back? Voyager is captained by Kathryn Janeway. Killing her off and then refusing to bring her back, even though Voyager fans are demanding it, makes no sense. You are a talented author, and I know you are capable of writing a wonderful novel that will bring Janeway back to her fans.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your panel.

Judy Clue
Thank you for the vote of confidence. The reality is that fan reactions do not determine the content of our stories, and that holds true for both sides of this conversation. You may feel that Pocket isn't listening to you. Pocket is listening to you. I am listening to you. And I am listening to the Voyager fans who like the new direction and may or may not have strong feelings one way or another about Janeway returning to the books. While I'm sure that your preference would be that I only listen to you, I don't have that luxury. It is precisely because there are so many differing opinions every time a major change is made to a story like this, that those opinions cannot be a factor in our thought process going forward. Again...I'm not just saying your opinion. I'm saying everyone's opinion on both sides.

Everybody who is in a position to actually decide the content of a story has years of experience that is relevant to the work at hand. We trust our instincts and create the best stories we can, knowing that at times, some readers will not approve. It goes with the territory.

What had concerned me for some time and caused me to begin this conversation as I have with the panel was the sentiment I've heard over and over again that no one is listening to the fans. I am here, listening. I've listened since before Full Circle was published and the reactions started coming fast and furious. Just because you have yet to see the story you'd like, that doesn't mean no one cares. It just means that for now, we're working in a different direction. As I've said repeatedly in these threads, that direction is malleable enough to accomodate lots of story possibilities.

What I have never said, and never will say is that:

Your opinion does not matter.
You should buy the books even if you're not happy with the new direction.
You should just get over it.

Your opinion is yours and is valid. If the new direction does not appeal to you, you shouldn't support it or buy the books.

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