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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

Here is the beginning. I finally opted to try working with the existing design albeit adapted and with modifications. I still think the onscreen version looks silly and not remotely aquadynamic or hydrodynamic or whatever---it just doesn't look like it belongs in the water. Nonetheless anything else I could do would simply depart too far from the recognizable overall shape. So I've decided to try making the onscreen design as workable or more credible as possible. I quite like the top plan and side elevation. The bow view seems at first the most departure from the onscreen version because I've thickened up the pontoon like sections on the sides in order to get some visual heft and also make room for mechanicals: ballast tanks, antigrav drive and hydrojets for surface and submerged propulsion. Although not apparent here there is going to be quite a thick under-the-deck section as well for other mechanicals. I modified the main viewport as well to gain more cabin space. The access hatch will be set aft and in two parts similar to what I did with the scoutship. with the lower section serving as a a gangway. The upper section can also be opened separately for conducting experiments or deploying equipment while on the surface. There will be some external components in view to represent the antigrav drive, but don't expect nacelles like the onscreen version. Nacelles would just create unnecessary weight and drag in the water. No impulse engines either. I cannot imagine the idea of submerging warp and impulse drives and components---it just strikes me as too ridiculous. As such this vehicle is strictly an orbit-to-surface craft and needs to be ferried from planet to planet or star system to star system. It is, after all, primarily a research vehicle and not a space transport. The craft can accommodate four personnel and with sufficient space for gear and research equipment.

Although the bow elevation is set in overall shape and structure don't accept the detail presently seen as set---it's still a work in progress.

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