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Seven Of Nine/Jeri Ryan Appreciation Thread

My old thread was here; but my images from photobucket got deleted and that thread now we have THIS ONE!

***Warning Image Heavy***

Welcome To The Seven Of Nine/Jeri Ryan Appreciation Thread!
Dedicated to The Awesome Seven Of Nine And The Beautiful & Wonderful Jeri Ryan.
Talk about Jeri Ryan or Voyager's Seven Of Nine!

Seven Of Nine
Seven of Nine (born Annika Hansen) is a fictional character on Star Trek: Voyager, portrayed by actress Jeri Ryan. Born human, she was assimilated by the Borg at the age of six. Eighteen years later, Voyager left Borg space with Seven on board, after attempts to negotiate passage through Borg space proved only semi-successful. After The Doctor had removed the majority (82%) of her cybernetic implants, her human organs began to reassert themselves, but Seven still required a cortical node to control the remainder of her cybernetic implants. Although her link to the Collective had been severed, Seven of Nine retained the ability to sense nearby Borg activity.

Seven Of Nine

Videos; Seven Of Nine Funny Moments, Singing 'You Are My Sunshine', Seven Of Nine 'All I Need'

Jeri Ryan
Jeri Lynn Zimmermann Ryan (born February 22, 1968)[1][2] is an American actress known for her roles as the liberated Borg Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager, Tara Cole on Leverage, and Veronica "Ronnie" Cooke on Boston Public. She was also a regular on the science fiction show Dark Skies[3] and the legal drama series Shark.[3] She is currently starring as Dr. Kate Murphy on the ABC drama series Body of Proof.

Jeri Ryan

Videos; Jeri Ryan Interview - Mortal Kombat Legacy, Jeri On Craig Ferguson, Jeri On Two And A Half Men.

As before...

1. If you don't like Jeri Ryan Or The Character Seven Of Nine...Don't post here.
2. Please feel free to post images of Jeri Ryan/Seven Of Nine, YT Videos or talk about her here.
3. Let's have fun.

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