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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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So what you are saying is because you didn't like something at 12 years old that colorized your perceptions on beloved characters deaths in Star Trek then we should all be subjected to you ignoring the majority of fans who want that beloved character back. It's your way, or the highway is it?
No. She's saying that as a viewer and a reader she doesn't like to be jerked around. And as a writer she doesn't believe in jerking her readers around. You'd get that if you actually understood what was written instead of trying to subvert her words to fit your personal world view.
BillJ I am not subveting anyone's words & from your reply it seems as if you are trying to subvert & twist my words.

Your logic works too ways. Let’s explore how shall we? How isn’t it jerking readers around by replacing Janeway with a faceless replacement & when the majority of the readers want her returned we are told to get used to the changes?

Actually you exactly said:

Hmmm, that doesn’t sound like:

Oh sorry to point that you are backpedaling & your trying to change what you actually said about dropping the relaunch like a hot potato if you even got a whiff of Janeway coming back & and maybe still even with Beyer if you get some implausible resurrection.

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^ Okay, folks. Let's either keep it civil or take it out of here. This thread is supposed to be a place to address questions for the Janeway panel - not a place for fans and non-fans of Janeway to take potshots at each other.
Kimc I never attacked anyone. It is BillJ who replied to my post saying that it was BS, then in a subsequent post he accused me of trying to subvert the words of Kristen Beyer, and called me petty.
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Why are you framing this as 'fans' vs. 'non-fans' of Janeway? That is the furthest thing from the truth. It's about people disagreeing over a simple story direction. The problem is one side seems far more agitated over the direction than the other.
Yeah that would be your side. I haven't made any attack on you at all & you have made 3 attacks on me as I pointed out above in my reply to Kimc. It is you who keeps making angry attacks personal attacks at me. Sorry BillJ I don't back down to bullies. All that I can say about your attacks on me is that when people start to attack you know you are being effective!
I called bullshit on this remark:

The only people wrestling with the “should she” be brought back question is the editors & possibly yourself.
If this isn't your remark then I apologize, if it is yours then it is bullshit.

If you call those attacks then your far more thin-skinned than I originally gave you credit for.

There is no contradiction in my thoughts on whether Janeway comes back or not. Kirsten Beyer is one of the few authors that actually get Janeway, even with that I won't accept the Q snap their fingers and everything goes back to normal. Just like I was disappointed with Spock's return and Kirk's return in the novels. There is no good way to turn back death. I'm not one to be so mesmerized by a fictional character that I throw all logic out the window. And I'll always know in the back of my mind that I was cheated out of new dynamics and new character growth to satisfy a few people. I like the fact that Voyager like the Enterprise now feels like a ship with a 'living' history. YMMV.
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