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Re: 2011 Tour de France

Technically they did lose 2 seconds to Andy. But it was surprising Contador did not attack once, even Evans attacked and he is the GC contender who least needs to do so at this stage. I can only remember one instance where he was the first to go after a move and it was the very first one. Maybe he's saving himself, there is a rest day on Monday so he might hit the Alps with a bit more force.

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and of course Voeckler, who I've always liked but who now gives me a sick feeling in my stomach, because I don't believe in miracles anymore. Non-pharmaceutical miracles that is. If it's too good to be true, it's probably doping, in cycling.
Doping is everywhere in cyclism since a long looooong time, it's naive to think it's over and that only a few are doped. I'd rather say that Voeckler found the recipe the others were already using.
Especially as one rider has already been kicked off the Tour this year for failing a dope test and the fact that there is that very nasty, dark cloud still over Contador from last year. Still don't understand why it hasn't been sorted out. Imagine what a farce it would be if Contador does end up winning only for the cycling body to have to strip him of it in a month's time.
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