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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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So what you are saying is because you didn't like something at 12 years old that colorized your perceptions on beloved characters deaths in Star Trek then we should all be subjected to you ignoring the majority of fans who want that beloved character back. It's your way, or the highway is it?
No. She's saying that as a viewer and a reader she doesn't like to be jerked around. And as a writer she doesn't believe in jerking her readers around. You'd get that if you actually understood what was written instead of trying to subvert her words to fit your personal world view.

Tidus79001 wrote: View Post

Why do you feel so threatened by Janeway that you would want to deny her fans of her return?

There are a great number of Voyager fans out there & they like Voyager the way that it was. Non Voyager fans should quit expecting Voyager to be completely re-worked so that it is to their liking. If you don't like it go read the other Star Trek novel like you threatened to do & leave the rest of us to enjoy Voyager in peace.
Whose threatened? I, like many, have said they would sample any books that return Janeway. But we accept and enjoy the current direction. No one has threatened to go to their rooms and hold their breath til they turn blue over the issue.

It seems to me that the Janeway brigade is galled that the books are moving forward in a successful manner without Janeway. To me, that's just flat petty.

kimc wrote:

^ Okay, folks. Let's either keep it civil or take it out of here. This thread is supposed to be a place to address questions for the Janeway panel - not a place for fans and non-fans of Janeway to take potshots at each other.
Why are you framing this as 'fans' vs. 'non-fans' of Janeway? That is the furthest thing from the truth. It's about people disagreeing over a simple story direction. The problem is one side seems far more agitated over the direction than the other.
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