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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

OK so I have a question. Starfleet Academy has a character from Titan so that is part of the Lit-verse. That series crossed over with Marvel Voyager, DS9, and Unlimited in one issue. So are those entire series part of the Lit-verse or just the issues specifically connected. For instance VOY issues 1-5 are stand alone, issues 6-9 are referenced in following issues by the "Previously in Star Trek: Voyager" intros, and issues 10-15 are specifically connected to the crossover issue. So what should be included and what left out?

Also, what about something like Untold Voyages, one issue of which references The Pandora Principle, or Assignment: Earth, one issue of which is referenced in Watching the Clock? Should the entire miniseries connect or just the one issue?

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