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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

Just a quick response to those who say, more or less, why can't Janeway fans just "enjoy" the "Voy" novels the way they are now, well, the simple answer is: we just don't want to, without Janeway, the larger than life, irreplacable, unique, iconic role-model that she is. The books are not Voyager without her, they are missing something, they are not what we want to read, not the real thing, not very enjoyable. And, before you say, well, too bad, change your mind, if Pocket Books can more or less answer the question of why not bring Kathryn Janeway back with, more or less "We don't want to," or author(s) can say they pretty much don't want to, then KJ's fans have the right to say the same thing. Or does one class of fans (ie, those who agree w/ what Pocket Books is publishing) have more privileges than others. Having the power to do (or not do) something doesn't makes one better, it just gives you control. And that really shouldn't mean in Trek that you can give hurt to others and not be too concerned with it, but unfortunately that might be the case now, bring Janeway back, we know she lives!

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