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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

And finally, Melissa's last question...

Question 5: How much do you regret being handed the reins of the Voyager relaunch after its main character was “killed off” a previous novel? Of all the PB writers, you seem to be the one most in tune with her character. Although many say that she can’t plausibly be brought back following "Before Dishonor" and the subsequent novels, I can think of dozens of interesting plots that could knock the socks off of the nay-sayers, continue your plot without interruption, and open up lots of possibilities for Voyager to return to its unique position as a deep-space ship. What do you think? Are you up to it? If not, email me. We should talk.

I think that about covers it! LOL

BTW, I assume that the little girl in your BBS avatar your baby. I thought she was just born a month or two ago! She is adorable!

Thanks again for doing this panel. I hope you have lots of people there and generate some great discussions!

Melissa Davis
I don't regret it for a single moment. Voyager was the first universe that didn't belong to me that I ever tried to create stories for. To have been handed the reins at any time was and remains an absolute thrill. The loss of Janeway and Tuvok made my job harder. But it was a challenge I was happy to attempt to rise to meet.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but when it comes to anyone else telling me what can and can't happen in a story, I don't sweat it. Before I started using my daugher's picture for an avatar, I used a picture of Obama from the 2008 campaign where he was standing at a podium and the caption read..."Everybody chill the fuck out. I've got this." The reason was simple. On a daily basis, that's pretty much my attitude.

Perhaps I need to change that avatar back again, though you are right, that is my daughter. She'll be two next month. And as to her adorableness...on that you and I are in complete agreement.

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