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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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It always gets pointed out, maybe not here but about the net, that movies aren't solely made for comic fans. That's true. It's always noted, accurately I'll add, that there aren't enough dollars to just make a movie for the diehards or even the occasional comic book fan of a character. I just want to note the converse and point out comic fans could've not shown up and the movie would still have a total of $95-$100m, we just aren't that big.
True, but I wasn't really talking about the box office, just the huge amount of negative buzz that was out there. And I don't think there's any doubt that the genre fans trashing the movie from the beginning contributed a fair amount to that.
Genre fans just agreed with the critical response, that doesn't always happen. Maybe it felt like a pile on but Joe Public isn't visiting genre sites so it's really on the choir singing to each other on the fan sites. The masses didn't show up due to critics and water cooler talk not fandom of the character/genre. They simply don't know where to go to read those thoughts most likely.

For their time Rocketeer and Shadow are both good movies. Hell even the Billy Zane Phantom is fun and they look good for their budgets. Your statement that the budget doesn't matter to enjoyment is or should be true. However, when I know $200m was spent I expect excellence on all fronts. When $40m is spent I keep my expectations in line as well. If I buy a BMW I want what's expected same with a KIA, what's behind the creation of a product can and does with some impact expectations.

Going into Potter-mania Green Lantern sits at $111.4m domestic and $144m worldwide.
The bigger news is the film is having another consecutive huge drop in screens. This time it's losing 1,000 screens or 51% of it's current total. Up from 1/3 last week even considering that was a 1,200 screen loss. Theaters are dumping it quick.
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