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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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How many moving parts did we see on the Enterprise besides doors? And even those might have been an application of programmable matter depicted in 1960s tech with two guys hidden behind the walls pulling pocket doors open.
Well there is Sulu's pop-up viewer on the helm console. The slider controls on the transporter console. The various knobs and slide-out machinery. Are they "geared" machinery, who knows? But they do not exhibit the SG-1 "Replicator" ability to morph between shapes.

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Don't get me wrong, it's your project and your vision. But keep in mind that you might be doing the equivalent of using a Victorian perspective to see steam technology in the engine room and wondering how they'll shovel coal in the 23rd century.
No worries, Psion. The perspective I'm taking is to recreate what is aired on screen, with a touch of TMP/TWOK to have a place to "upgrade" into and chanting, "What Would The Thermians Do?"

As quaint as the thinking appears to be for TOS, their equipment did *alot* in a "vacuum-punk" / "transistor-punk" way... even more so than the later TNG presentation of similar systems. If I find a shred of evidence that "programmable matter" or something similar like it could explain a piece of machinery or effect I'd incorporate it or seriously lean towards it

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Why don't we see bolts and rivets anywhere on the Enterprise? How come there aren't any signs of valves? What about TOS makes you think there's a mechanical approach to starship engineering, all those grease stains on Scotty's uniform?
Check the image below for samples of screws, rivets, and wrench (for bolts most likely). Fasteners most likely are NOT seen because they are hidden behind panels, walls, coverings, etc.

As to "valves" they are referred to:

"The Galileo Seven" SPOCK: Perhaps if you were to channel the second auxiliary tank through the primary intake valve.

"The Changeling" NOMAD: Inefficiency exists in the antimatter input valve. I will effect repair.

"By Any Other Name" SCOTT: I have opened the control valves to the matter-anti-matter nacelles. On your signal, I will flood them with positive energy.

"That Which Survives" SCOTT: Watkins, check the bypass valve on the matter/antimatter reaction chamber. Make sure it's not overheating.

But... it would seem that they use high tech tools to adjust valves and other power devices which require no physical contact or does so via some kind of wireless control (which could suggest valves with control motors.)

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blssdwlf, take the above as good-natured ribbing and not a serious criticism of your design process or ideas. Is programmable matter a superior approach to mechanical? Only if it were my project, and we can count the number of finished projects I have on one hand of a guy with no arms!
LOL. I'm still working on this and it's been years

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