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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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Have a look or ask in the Trek Literature forum. They love posting reading-order lists over there.

Here's my Voyager post-series reading list:

("Endgame" goes here)
Homecoming duology
Spirit Walk duology (I skipped Spirit Walk coz I can't stand Chakotay)
(The movie Nemesis goes here)
Before Dishonor (TNG novel where Janeway dies)

Full Circle
Children of the Storm

You might want to read the Destiny trilogy after Before Dishonor and before Full Circle. It's not essential, and Voyager's not in it, but it's the big galaxy-reshaping event that the subsequent Voyager novels are involved in.
I've already read Full Circle and just started Unworthy. Already read Homecoming and Spiritwalk novels.

It might be appropriate to start Before Dishonor now, before I get too deep into Unworthy.

Thanks for the info.
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