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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

Maybe in the sense that there's still an aficionado market for vinyl records, but it won't be a big one. Streaming "should" take over, if you only consider technology, but there are business related obstacles.

The content providers will be throwing up barriers, since the perceived value of streaming is so much lower than alternate methods of consumption - theaters, DVD purchase - and that means people will expect to pay much less for a product whose production costs aren't going to decrease, which threatens the profits of the producers. We can't expect them to acquiesce to this situation easily, or at all, if they have the power to prevent it, which currently they do.

The public perception is that Hollywood is a bunch of greedy dirtbags, so customers are chomping at the bit to pay bottom dollar for movies and TV shows. Movie and TV studios will fight to hold the line against that, and Netflix will continue to get caught in the middle. But at the very least, Netflix cannot continue to act so stupidly that they end up being lumped in with the Hollywood dirtbags.
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