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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

Finally here are some hard numbers.

Class L Shuttlecraft (heavy lander):
Length = 10.159 M (33.331 FT.)
Width = 4.899 M (16.074 FT.)
Height = 2.864 M (9.396 FT.)

Class J Shuttlecraft (scoutship):
Length = 9.015 M (29.58 FT.)
Width = 4.349 M (14.269 FT.)
Height = 2.374 M (7.854 FT.)

And here is something for the eye, a direct size comparison.

It's interesting how visually deceptive the designs are. The Galileo looks like it should have quite a bit of interior space in relation to the other designs. But it loses interior room because of its unusual design that isn't really apparent until you see the ship in a longitudinal cross-section. It also loses cabin space because a good portion of the aft end is taken up by the vehicle's impulse engines and system components. Seeing how these turned out one could make the argument for scaling up the TAS designs just a bit more...maybe.
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