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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel


Thank you for taking the time to post thoughtful replies here. I appreciate your giving everyone a clear perspective of where you're coming from. Especially the clarification to those who don't understand that you are not solely responsible for the decisions and direction the story takes.

I started reading Voyager novels after I had finished the DVDs - on response to my rejection of what's on current TV as lousy was the motivation for it. Wanting more, I dove into the novels. I did the best I could to figure out "which novel comes first" but I haven't found a definitive guide that connects these with TNG and the general ST timeline. There should be a tree diagram.

(I have been otherwise a fairly dedicated ST fan; though I'm dismayed that for the first period of years that I can remember, we are without a Star Trek based television serial. I'm puzzled. But that's more research I have to do to understand what happened.)

Having said that, I agree with you - had I known TNG was connected, and I had read the story... so I may do that to fill in the gaps I have :-)

[ if anyone knows of such a definitive list that connects the ST timelines as above, please let me know! ]

Giving this more thought, now that mention it, it could be that Janeway's story has been told. If were are to accept the present timeline as-is. If she were to be brought back, there would need to be a justified plan for her active participation in the storyline that didn't involve her sitting in a chair as Admiral, as a talking head hooting orders and going gray. Janeway would need to grow, as any other character. Her dynamic had the tendency to cause other people to grow; her presence alone going forward would need to be considered in that regard as a protagonist in the timeline.

It's fairly obvious that many of us are very fond of this crew and of Janeway -- I've read several passionate posts about this conundrum; some people are downright angry, others confused. The same dynamic happens in real life, when someone you love goes away. We are experiencing those withdrawals through science fiction novels.

Somewhere there has to be a fair middle ground that will satisfy. I remain hopeful that Janeway has a future still...

And that's the magic of writing, where anything is possible :-)

Thank you again.

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