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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

Kathryn Janeway's fans are NOT asking that if she would be returned to Voy. novels everything should revert back to the way it was before she "died." Of course not! Bringing her back after all the other characters went through after what happened to her would be the basis for a cracking good story, showing how KJ and the others would adjust to each other again. I would think KJ could be a changed person after spending time with the Q and her friends' reaction to her re-appearance could be quite dramatic and emotional. Combined with a Voyager adventure story, that would be a book many people would like to read. So why not write it. Well, it seems the TPTB at Pocket Books just don't want to. They can give whatever excuses they like, but they all ring pretty hollow. They got rid of Kathryn Janeway, a unique, irreplacable iconic role model, not concerned with how much hurt they would cause to her many loyal fans. And now they are still pretty much telling KJ's supporters "too bad," as if we are not a large group of customers that would gladly buy their products (as we have done before) if only we weren't treated like we don't matter. We're told we should still give our monies to an entity who mistreated the most important character in our favorite series, and disregard that this entity considers our protests mostly but noise to be overlooked. If someone at Pocket Books would decide that KJ would be brought back, I'm sure a writer would write an excellent book about that, and figure out how to present it logically and entertainingly. It's all a matter of attitude and right now unfortunately that is "we're not doing it and that's how it is." (No matter that there are more than enough reasons to do so.) OK, then so KJ's supporters won't buy your products, and with the way things are in the Trek lit universe now, we probably aren't missing too much, even if being apart from our original Voyager friends is something we'd rather not be experiencing. Even so, eventually one has to take a stand for what is right, bring our Janeway back, we know she lives! PS, the answer to the question "should she be brought back" is the same as "should she be killed": it's whatever someone decides, as we know the story of her "death" was a result of a decision, not that there was a story in the 1st place that so needed KJ's death in it. She was disposed of on purpose, because it was deemed something to be done, and because they could.

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