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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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My Question:

"One of the Greatest Strength's of Star Trek: Voyager, in my humble opinion, was the Sense of Family woven between the Crew. It's something that, through meeting most of the cast at conventions, I've seen was a bit of art imitating life. Yet in the post-finale Star Trek novels, that wonderful family was broken up. Now they are finally beginning to come back together, but are still split up amongst this Voyager Fleet. Will we ever again see our family brought back together in whole? Or closer to what we once knew? And will they ever be made truly whole with the return of Kathryn Janeway?"
I completely agree that the sense of family was one of Voyager's defining points. And if anything, I feel we've continued to focus on that, while expanding it, in the newer novels. As to the core cast being split up...I'm a little confused. Apart from the Doctor, who is serving on the Galen, and Neelix, who remains on New Talax but has already been seen interacting with his old "family" a couple of times and likely will continue to be seen...I think the rest of the gang is still on Voyager.

I don't think Janeway's return would necessitate changing that, but I also think of the Voyager Fleet as one big family...Chakotay even has this realization in Children of the Storm when he is contemplating the loss of three of the fleet's ships. Even though the other crews aren't his direct responsibility, he feels that they are and is willing to risk anything necessary to ensure their safety.

Bottom line, for me, the sense of family is still very much intact in the Voyager fleet. It's just a much bigger family now. As to whether or not that family will ever again include's not a question of can...but should she return...and only when the story demands it.

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Here begin the answers to the questions that were sent to me via email. If anyone knows these folks and can alert them to the fact that these answers are here, I'd really appreciate it.

Is there any chance that Janeway could be brought back as a main character in your books. With her with the Q there are many ways this could be done. There are also many ways that she can still be a key person in the Voyage stories admiral or not

Yes. Even without the Q angle, there are many ways it could be done. And yes, she could still be a key person despite her rank.

The question is not can she, but should she...and I guess...will she...but you know I can't answer that right now.

Kristen, it is not really a question of "should she” be brought back so much as it is a question of “why hasn’t she” been brought back. The only people wrestling with the “should she” be brought back question is the editors & possibly yourself. The “why hasn’t she” been brought back question is a question whose time has come & a question whose answer is well past due. Seriously it has been 4 years already & you can keep saying until you are blue in face that that isn’t much time when it comes to writing a book, but that doesn’t change the fact there has been 3 books since written since Janeway was killed & there is no indication on the horizon from either the editors, or yourself that this is likely to change anytime soon.

Voyager was defined by the characters that we grew so fond of watching & the portrayal of these characters by talented actors/actresses gave us much enjoyment. It is an unrealistic expectation both on the part of the editors & you as a writer to kill off the most prominent character of that series, or any other major character for that matter & then replace her with a faceless replacement (Captain Eden) & then just expect us to happily accept that replacement with no questions asked nor not to express dissatisfaction with this change having been forced upon us. Furthermore you cannot expect us to not be really annoyed that when we ask for something be done to fix these unwelcome change & that we observe that our request falls upon deaf ears, or is totally disregarded.

Why do I call Captain Eden a faceless replacement you ask? Captain Eden replaced a character who had great depth & was portrayed by real flesh & blood actress whereas Captain Eden is a character who has only ever existed on paper & we have never seen her face, nor will she ever has as much depth as Janeway since as a character that has only existed on paper we never get to experience the full range of emotions & subtle nuances that made Janeway unique. When I read a Star Trek book that has characters that I came to know so well through the portrayal of these characters by talented actors/actresses I am able in my mind see the faces of these characters & hear their voices. Tell me how you can a faceless replacement ever have that same level of depth, be as meaningful, and how do you expect fans to have equivalent devotion, or attachment to the new “faceless” character when compared to that.

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I really liked Kirsten Beyer's "Children of the Storm" and have read all three of the Voyager books. The return of Janeway, while it will get some readers back, will unravel all the progress that has been made with the characters.

After the return of Spock, Kirk, Tasha Yar, Ben Sisko, I have to wonder what's the point of the story if everything goes back to the way it was?

I thought the books moved beyond the status quo. It makes me cringe when I see the books only cater to the causual fan. If Pocket Books haven't noticed; the space for Star Trek books is getting smaller and smaller at book chains. [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/ADMINI%7E1/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/msohtml1/01/clip_image001.gif[/IMG]
I don't see how if Janeway were to return that it would undo any of the so called growth of any of the characters. I find it unlikely that the writers would just press a reset button & then say that none of the events that happened in the novels in since Janeway has been dead no longer counts.

I for one don't want to roll back the clock on what has already taken place in the books since her death. That being said I see no reason why she can't return & be compelling, nor do I feel that her return in any way whatsoever diminishes any other character.

Personally I think that Captain Eden does more to diminish the characters than anything else. When Janeway was Captain of Voyager she was alone in the Delta Quadrant & in command of Voyager & she was solely responsible for leading her crew & making critical decisions, and she trusted her crew to make responsible decisions. Now that Chakotay is Captain he has to report to Captain Eden on every command decision that he wants to make & has to get her approval of that command decision instead of him having the freedom to just make that decision & act on it. My point is the characters had more freedom to grow without having to ask Mommy Eden if they had her approval before making every single decision.
That above quoted conversation is one other thing that I would you to ponder about Captain Eden as to how she diminishes the characters & limits their growth potential. As I said at the Bring Back Janeway panel no on expects for the changes cause by Janeways death to just be thrown out as if they never happened.

Janeway on the television series always strived to empower her crew through her trust of them, and always tried to help them to see & reach their full potential instead of stifling them as Captain Eden does in her redundant Captain role.

Kristen, please tell me why you feel that Voyager needs a “Captain Dunsel”. I don’t know how well you know Star Trek: The Original Series, but that term was created on the episode “The Ultimate Computer” see I think the term fits & aptly describes the role that Captain Eden serves.

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