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Re: Any news on Cawley's Buck Rogers and Wild Wild West remakes?

So, given a choice between posts made by the production team only when there is actually something substantive to report and posts that are merely frivolous filler-crap to keep stringing you along, you come down squarely on the side of frivolous filler-crap that keeps you strung along. Fair enough.

I'm concerned that not everyone shares your perspective and that we might take a hit from people who'll complain that our posts have only inane content.

Captain Robert April wrote: View Post
For those who whine about off topic tangents taking over discussion threads, consider this: it keeps those threads front and center so that they're ready when there is something relevant to report. It also helps remind certain folks that there's still an interest out there and those interested parties are waiting for news. Even something relatively inane, like Cawley got a haircut and is going blonde for awhile, something to let us know that the whole thing hasn't shut down and folks are still doing something on this.
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