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Re: Star Trek:TAS Comic "Murder On Tuesday"

Cool! Although I still say that Chekov makes a terrible security officer.

In the early drafts, I think Janice was meant to be a relief comms officer in a couple of Phase II scripts but it starts to get very crowded for the ladies at that station with M'Ress too. I guess they didn't think women could do much more than answer the phone!

Clearly the episode should be that Janice returns to the ship with a news crew and requires each male human crewmember to take a DNA test following a particularly drunken Christmas Party. And the father is... Helen Noel - the hermaphroditic serial Xmas party molester. Much bleeping and head-bobbing ensues - just like the episode of the Simpsons where Kang (or was it Kodos?) got Marge pregnant.
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