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Re: G and T Show NOW on iTunes!!!

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This is great! I didn't realize that you also had the entire BBJ panel on the website.

I wished they'd been better about repeating questions from the audience, but that's not an issue with you guys, that's just a con/panel nitpick in general.

Looking forward to the other panels after I finish these.
Thank you! We will be putting the Star Trek Vanguard panel audio up soon as well. We also will be airing, I believe the Aug. 7 episode, my one-on-one interview with Kirsten Beyer. She is a facinating (no pun intended) and really wonderful lady.

I do apologize about the questions being hard to hear, I recorded this with my digital recorder. As I save money I will invest in other equipment so when I go to conventions and such you will get far better quality.

Thanks for listening, and help spread the G and T Show virus to your friends!
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