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Re: TOS Voice-Over Actor?

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Walker Edmiston was the talent and also provided his voice in "The Corbomite Maneuver" as the voice of Balok, "A Taste of Armageddon" as Eminiar Security voice, "Friday's Child" as voice of SS Dierdre, and "The Gamesters of Triskelion" as Provider #2 voice
Um, Ted Cassidy did the voice of the puppet Balok, while Vic Perrin dubbed Clint Howard's Balok.
Vic Perrin (who was probably best known for the prologue voice-over on "The Outer Limits") also did the voice of Nomad if I remember correctly and he appeared on screen as Tharn in Mirror Mirror. For some reason though, his voice credits were always easier to find than the one I originally inquired about.
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