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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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I think we'll be cancelling the DVDs (1 at at time plan, and even then sometime we send a disk back unwatched) and just streaming. I like discovering foreign or independent films I'd never watch otherwise, and documentaries, and my husband loves '30s and '40s film noir. (Our recommendations are a mess.). If we want to watch a newer movie, we can just Redbox, and catch new-ish movies On Demand.
Sounds like us, our recommendations are all over the place. We had the same plan and sometimes end up not watching movies as well. I already switched to streaming and I'm going to see what our options are. The one thing I'll miss and I don't see an easy replacement for are tv series. There are a lot of them streaming now but that could always change, and there are still plenty that are only on discs. I've gotten more enjoyment out of discovering shows than watching movies for the past year or two now.
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