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TOS Voice-Over Actor?

I have wondered for a long time who did the voice-overs on TOS such as in Amok Time, when the Enterprise assumes orbit:

V-O: " USS Enterprise from Vulcan Space Central. Permission granted. And from all of Vulcan, welcome. Is Commander Spock with you?"

This voice is heard in a fair number of TOS episodes but I've never managed to find any mention of who provided that voice. Tonight, I happened upon "Futureworld" - the silly 1976 sequel to Michael Crichton's excellent '73 film "Westworld" and I could swear I heard that same voice in the robot control-room.

I always thought it sounded a little like Gunter Meisner (Slugworth from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory... but I can't imagine it's him.

Can anybody shed any light? Thanks!

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