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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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The thing is, I think it's safe to say, although I'm not scholar of Golden Age comics, that that particular version of Batman hasn't really been utilized in almost seventy years, and at best has only influenced the modern takes Batman.
Right, but trying to understand the authentic Batman has twisted my head in loops. To straw-man a medley of arguments I've heard in these forums, the Adam West Batman is a mockery of the definitive Batman, who of course was defined in the 1970s (or, alternately, the 1980s, depending who is talking, although the 1970s appear to be more popular). It's as if time travel is needed to unknot the argument or I'm so dense or manipulative I had no idea what they were on about really.

Samuel Walters wrote: View Post
Personally, I prefer Burton, but I think both aesthetics work equally well for the kind of story each director was trying to convey.
Pretty much. That's an interesting question, aesthetic. Generally I'd say the Nolan films are the better movies, and handily so - although Batman Returns has a deserved third place, however distant, in my book.

But the Batmobile? The Danny Elfman theme? The Gothic Gotham? I do tend to reflexively think of that when I think of Batman, for precisely the same reasons others go to their preferred iterations - saw it first. And yeah, I like the Gotham and the Batmobile and (especially) the orchestral soundtrack of the Burton films more than I do Nolan's.
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