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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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You miss the point. Most every-day Joes aren't test-piloting, model-banging egomaniacs who neglect the vast majority of their families. That GL tried to portray Hal Jordan as an every-day Joe who, oh by the way, is a test pilot who wakes up with models and neglects the vast majority of his family, is the basis of the why I believe the film is pretentious.

You don't see it that way? Fine. But the vast majority of moviegoers decided not to see the film -- to the point where it literally bombed at the box office. And I'm pretty sure that my perspective is at least part of the reason why.
Well its hard to say why people didn't see it...lots of sheep around these days who only judge by critics. Word of mouth wasn't strong...suggesting it just wasn't gripping enough for people to recommend it. Strong competition is another reason...both from action movies and other superhero movies. I think that "concept" foes like Parallax don't do as well with audiences, and nerdy Hector Hammond didn't make up for that by giving it a "humanized" element. Hal Jordan pretentiously portrayed as an everyman jock...probably not high on the list avg moviegoer didn't see it.

For myself I like certain moments and parts better than the overall movie. For a superhero movie it has a stratospheric background saga compared to others, but with middle-of-the-pack execution. Still, I think the scenes on Oa are iconic.


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