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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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I think the difference is that TF3 has no pretension whatsoever. You know, going in, that it's going to be Big Loud And Stupidô. It's pure cinematic spectacle without regard to anything other than visual (and maybe aural) stimulation. Meanwhile, GL tried, HARD, to be something that it, clearly, wasn't meant to be. Trying to portray your test-piloting, supermodel-banging hero as an "every day Joe" is preposterous at best (true the hero in TF3 has a supermodel girlfriend, but at least he's going through what a LOT of people are struggling with these days: trying to find a job). At worst, it's the very height of pretension. As a result, people are more than willing to pile on in trashing a film that, while merely mediocre (and certainly not a failure), is so completely tone deaf to the current zeitgeist.
I didn't sense any pretention in GL at all. And I certainly don't see how Hal being a jock qualifies. The fear stuff might have been pushed a little hard, and may not have been completely believable coming from Reynolds, but it was all still fairly standard, comic booky stuff anyway (and not much different than all the cheesy "lessons" we heard in the Spidey movies).

To me, pretentious is the SW prequels, or Matrix sequels. GL doesn't even come CLOSE to that. It was just trying to be a fun little supehero movie.

Also, I don't think the film was pushing Hal Jordan as anything OTHER than a jock...I don't think he was shown as an everday Joe at all. He is obviously a unique individual as evidenced by being chosen by the ring.

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