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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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True, although the five in-store exchanges have the benefit of reducing the time between getting discs. Still, I prefer Netflix's service.
There used to be a Blockbuster w/n walking distance but it's long gone. My mailbox is much closer. I ain't driving and fighting for parking just to return disks!
And streaming is even less hassle! No mailing, no leaving the house....
I might have mentioned this before, but streaming doesn't cover all the options in my queue. Right now, DVD=254; Instant=63. Until there's 100% parity (and I ain't holding my breath!), and considering that Netflix is now forcing us to choose, I have to opt for DVD.
Streaming really has to be the wave of the future. Whatever cost structure between netflix and the studios will support streaming everything will end up being the final word, I think.
That's assuming Netflix can ever get streaming rights to everything. From everything I've read, that is a very high hurdle. Studios know the value of streaming and will throw up barriers.
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