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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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True, although the five in-store exchanges have the benefit of reducing the time between getting discs. Still, I prefer Netflix's service.
There used to be a Blockbuster w/n walking distance but it's long gone. My mailbox is much closer. I ain't driving and fighting for parking just to return disks!
And streaming is even less hassle! No mailing, no leaving the house....

Yes, our local Blockbuster went out of business a couple of months ago. We have those redbox things at our local grocery store. My wife gets those things once in a while.

Streaming really has to be the wave of the future. Whatever cost structure between netflix and the studios will support streaming everything will end up being the final word, I think.

At least until they start beaming movies directly into our brains.
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