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Re: Book reading timeline

The trilogy of The Q Continuum would slot in on that list around the time of New Frontier: Martyr and Fire on High, more or less. It's recently become a little bit iffy with the mainstream, mind.

Vendetta you can place between Dawn of the Eagles and The 34th Rule.

PS: I didn't mention the Stargazer series, which is only loosely linked in but, as with New Frontier, the characters and races it introduces are mentioned quite a few times.

If you want to include them, put The Valiant, Gauntlet, Progenitor, Three, Enigma and Maker after Serpents Among the Ruins, put The First Virtue after Night of the Wolves and Reunion after Vendetta/before The 34th Rule.

PPS: One of the stories in the Seven Deadly Sins anthology ties in to the Vanguard series. Most of the other stories work fine with the list, too. I think I'm more or less done...
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