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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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And at 8 bucks a month for unlimited streaming, that's still a better deal than any of what amazon or comcast are offering: 2 bucks per episode? Piss on that.

Physical media is a thing of the past.
2x DVDs are $12/month. To get the price per disk down to $1 each, I only need to turn over 3 per week, and I average more like 4. At that price, I don't feel any need to complain. It's a far better deal than cable.

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Corporate America screwing us is the American spirit...
Corporate America can't easily screw people over because the customer can simply not buy from them. Don't want to pay for Netflix's increases, then simply don't. Granted, you won't get their service, but that's how it's supposed to work, isn't it?
Or do what I did. Downgrade. I just saved 20%. If everyone saves 20%, that sends a message to Netflix.

The price increase wouldn't have been received so badly if Netflix had announced something, ANYTHING other than "hey, we're raising prices to give you the same thing you have now and if you don't like it, here's the link to cancel".
Yeah. This is a PR/brand image fuckup, not a pricing fuckup. Maybe they can't help the pricing issues, but they sure as shit can control their message. Heads should roll.

(informal CNET poll estimates 30-40% planning to cancel).
I'd be very interested to learn what the actual number turns out to be, both cancelling and downgrades. I'd expect a large number of Netflix customers (who aren't connected enough to even know about this story, or the CNET poll, etc) to not even realize that the price has been increased and not check their credit card bill. Corporations depend on inattention like that.
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