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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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How come for the first movie, everyone was like "You can't have the web shooters. They're too unrealistic. Audiences won't find it believable." And practically everyone was in agreement with that.

And now they've done what supposedly couldn't be done in a movie.
I've had a nearly identical thought. I recall all the "It'll take too long to explain him making them, testing them etc". Or another favorite, "No one will believe a teen is really that smart or capable."

I think those were just excuses to accept the fact Hollywood wanted to flex it's muscle and do change for change sake. Granted they pulled it off, so well in fact Marvel altered Peter in the books themselves.

I'd argue that if you look at US students across the board broadly they could use with a "smart bookish" persona to look at and say, "Hey, radiocative bite or not being smart allowed him to do 'x' when opportunity struck."
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