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Re: Star Wars novels: What to read?

PsychoPere wrote:
I bought the first CN book a while ago but still haven't gotten around to it. Based on your thoughts here, I might not bother ever reading it at this point. Such issues would frustrate me quite a bit.
Of the three books, the issues are least prevalent in the first one. I didn't even really notice the timeline error when it appeared in that book, because it showed up in the dialogue of a character who I suspected was meant to be seen as unreliable on such matters anyway. By way of comparison I noticed the corresponding problems in the second and third books immediately. As chance would have it, I never got around to reading Shadows of the Empire until the same year that Coruscant Nights I: Jedi Twilight came out, and the latter has a subplot which serves as kind of a prequel of the former. It's about Xizor plotting to take over Black Sun by using as-yet-unperfected human replica droid technology. There's also a great moment in the book when Nick Rostu from Shatterpoint is brought before Vader ( who is underused and often delegates his objectives to his minions later on in CN ). Like Dark Lord, the book features a Jedi character who seems to be losing his ability to connect to the Force.
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