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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

^The top one was the one I liked, and the other two below it are basically fine as well. The cosplay chick in a dress cut like a teddy, on the other hand, is pretty much every thing I dislike about Regular Harley Quinn, and more, since at least Regular Harley Quinn does wear pants (however sexualized, and if only for a few more months).

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Batman will never kill and, when it is within his power, does not permit other people to do so.

Given these facts...
They are not facts.
Fact-based conclusion, then. If you disagree, name all the folks Batman's offed, and all the times he's allowed, say, Jason Todd to shoot someone when he could stop him. I forget how or if he reacted to Manhunter in Los Angeles, but maybe that was too far away for him to realistically do anything about it. Hey, I'm willing to be proven wrong.

And I can actually name one person Batman did try to straight-up kill, and that was Darkseid. New gods evidently don't count, probably because Morrison could recognize that extending your no-kill policy to the physical manifestation of the concept of fascism is pretty stupid, even for a comic book.

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