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Re: New podcast devoted to Trek lit

Jolan Tru,

I have an update for you...

I am very proud to announce a new website for The G and T Show! We will have show updates, information and all the good stuff you would need for your G and T Show fix.
We are still working the iTunes issue, again, I beg your indulgence as our "real jobs" and other everyday things limit the time to work these issues.

Also, the episodes on the web page are listed as Epsides 2 and 3...that is a typo, it is actually Episodes 3 and 4. So the two-parter you see listed is last week's (Episode 4) where we discuss my Shore Leave experience.

The website for our show is:

Thanks all, I will update when we have the iTunes/MP3 issue done.

All the best,

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