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Re: Book reading timeline

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You want an exhaustive list?
I think that's more or less an exhaustive list....
Thank you! Thank you! That is certainly what I was looking for as well as the Lost Era, etc. pieces. I am a completest to the detriment of my wife who has to put up with me !

Can you expand this list to also include pre-continuity books that are referenced in main continuity such as Vendetta, Gemworld, Section 31, and all those others mentioned in the Charting the Novel-verse thread? ... not that I'm not extremely grateful for your list as is !

As I stated I want to try and gather all these book into one collection. I've actually already read many of the "main-continuity" books from DS9 through A Singular Destiny. On the 2nd Beyer Voyager book and started the Titan series but was a little overwhelmed with the amount of VERY different species that make up the crew. Had a hard time getting into the first book for that reason.
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