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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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Sorry I can't keep track of which threads have what anymore.

I like the casting if it is indeed true. However, I do worry about a little bit of the racial and subservient imagery. While Jinx was great strides and this seems like such a sweet Moneypenny, I also feel a little hint of Live and Let Die blaxpotiation. Oh! the black girl who sleeps with Bond dies! And now the secretary is going to be the one who can never ever have Bond, the one black girl? Little stereotypical. Does this mean Salmon and Jeffrey Wright will have reduced capacities again, too? This also means no black actor can be Q, because heaven forbid they have two. Like you can't have a female Q as long as there is a female M. Eh.
Oh for goodness sake!

If she's anything like Samantha Bond's MP then (closing minutes of DAD aside) it means she'll likely be more independant and less likely to fall for James' charms than any regular Bond girl (how many times did 007 have to save Jinx?)

As for Q, frankly I'd rather they made him of Indian/Pakistani descent like Deaver did given that people originating from South Asia actually make up a greater percentage of the UK population.
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