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Re: Finally have time to start watching nuWho!

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Dalek was great, and CE was pretty scary at times... "You would make a good Dalek" was a great line. I'm looking forward to seeing the Daleks in the later episodes and learning more about the Last Time War. I'm sure others have commented on the similarities between Henry van Statten and Henry Starling from VOY, sort of crossed with TNG's Kivas Fajo. Seeing him getting brainwiped and dumped was awesome.

The Long Game was more standard, the main interest for me was seeing a companion blow it so spectacularly.

And that summary of companions' families was great, but I was actually thinking just narrowly in terms of the effects of people just vanishing from their regular lives for a while given the TARDIS' legendary finickiness about precision hops. Many of the old Who companions were fleeing unpleasant or totally wrecked lives from what I remember... as a pure experience junkie [hence her attractiveness to the Doctor] who just goes off from a regular life for the hell of it Rose is pretty uncommon IIRC.
Well a lot of classic companions end up with the Doctor by chance more than anything; Ian and Barbara, Tegan, and Rose is fleeing something, she's fleeing a very ordinary very humdrum existance.

And yes it was a nice twist...

The first time anyway
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