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I actually really like how she looks with her hair down, but it doesn't really fit in with the persona established in ME1.
Exactly. I don't have a problem with the design in and of itself, it just doesn't feel like a 'look' Ash would go for. One of her sisters maybe, but not Ash.

I can't help but wonder if this is at least partly down to Ash being (presumably) the main potential romance option for MaleSheps and they felt a need to feminise her for marketing purposes.

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...while Liara looks like she's dressing up as Samara for some cosplay contest.
I thought that was Samara.

Anyway, since it's Bioware, I'm sure it'll turn out that mohawk guy acts tough and looks like a jarhead but really he's all sensative and just needs to be loved *cough*Jack*cough*.
Well to be fair, out of the dozen or so squad mates, Jack had what I think was the most well defined character arc. I mean it was pretty clear from the offset that the tough bitch facade was just a defence mechanism. The only thing about her that disappointed me was how her powers (or lack there of) translated into gameplay. I mean when you first see her, she reduces THREE heavy mechs to scrap metal in just a few seconds before tearing massive holes in the ship's bulkheads. But once you get her on the team she suddenly had a glass jaw and relatively weak biotic abilities. On the higher difficulty levels she's practically useless in a fight.
Yeah Jack was well thought out as characters wen...but then I think all of them were for their roles. I liked/disliked Jack the Most. She was very real...too real at times. Many of use are just like her. I could identify with her pain but I couldn't bring myself to get with her.

To puruse a romatic relationship with Jack would be like cuddling up Loose Canon with a hair trigger. I sympathized for her alot. My Lorenzo Sheppard went a little too far with the interest but ended up with Tali. I always liked her...she was femiine and needy in a more normal way.

If I was a more controling person I wouldn't mind trying to tame Jack and that's why I left if for my Renegade Lief Sheppard .

No matter what Sheppards I was...I kept my hands off the Cheerleader. I didn't like Miranda from Go. Too much attitude, snippy, nagging and a wet cold fish. She couldn't lead if her life depended on it and I played the Suicide Mission and lost her I thought it was perfect.
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