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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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I have a question: Do you think Voyager and the rest of Treklit are moving too far from the series and films they're based on? Voyager is missing it's main character. In her place is someone new. While interesting for the most die-hard Treklit fans, do you really expect casual fans to buy novels bearing less and less resemblence to the shows they enjoyed?
I'm not going to speak for the rest of the series, but in Voyager's case, I think we are closer now to the show the series was based on than we have been at any point in the relaunch, apart from Janeway and Tuvok's absence.

The series' major arc was getting the ship home. We saw that happen on screen. So the challenge, post series, is to reintegrate Voyager into the wider Trek storyline while still giving them a unique place in the mythos..telling stories that only Voyager can tell.

As the Federation vessel with the greatest knowledge of the Delta Quadrant, and with Starfleet's need to know that the force of nature..the Borg..that almost decimated them, is truly gone, Voyager becomes essential again by allowing them to use their expertise again in the DQ. By eliminating the worry of "will they ever get home" through the use of slipstream technology we allow them a certain freedom to explore that had to be minimized to a degree when they were first trying to get home. Yes, they seemed to stop and smell the flowers a little more often along the way that first time out than might have seemed prudent, but now, they can go deeper and further in their explorations than they could before. It feels like the best of all possible worlds to me.

We are not simply retreading old ground here. But things are similar enough, and there are enough of the main series characters prominently featured in the stories that I do think a casual fan would find these book interesting, even if they have to play a bit of catch-up with some of the new characters. I don't think we want history to just repeat itself in these stories. But because this is tie-in fiction, and what we are tying it to is 170+ episodes of television, like Twain said of doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme.

That's my sense of the new stories. They aren't exactly what we saw before. But they are similar enough that fans should feel comfortable in the new stories while still waiting on the edge of their seats to see what will happen next because they also know that the rules of the game have changed enough that anything can happen. I have also tried, very consciously to maintain many of the thematic elements to the series, both overall (the importance of family and "found' family, the passion and wonder of exploration) and in the individual character arcs. I am trying to allow all of the characters we know so well to continue to grow, but not in ways that are in any way untrue to what was established on screen. I don't think any of them, despite what they have been through most recently, would strike a casual reader as incredibly different from what we already know about them. Hopefully, just deeper.

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