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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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My Question:

"One of the Greatest Strength's of Star Trek: Voyager, in my humble opinion, was the Sense of Family woven between the Crew. It's something that, through meeting most of the cast at conventions, I've seen was a bit of art imitating life. Yet in the post-finale Star Trek novels, that wonderful family was broken up. Now they are finally beginning to come back together, but are still split up amongst this Voyager Fleet. Will we ever again see our family brought back together in whole? Or closer to what we once knew? And will they ever be made truly whole with the return of Kathryn Janeway?"
I completely agree that the sense of family was one of Voyager's defining points. And if anything, I feel we've continued to focus on that, while expanding it, in the newer novels. As to the core cast being split up...I'm a little confused. Apart from the Doctor, who is serving on the Galen, and Neelix, who remains on New Talax but has already been seen interacting with his old "family" a couple of times and likely will continue to be seen...I think the rest of the gang is still on Voyager.

I don't think Janeway's return would necessitate changing that, but I also think of the Voyager Fleet as one big family...Chakotay even has this realization in Children of the Storm when he is contemplating the loss of three of the fleet's ships. Even though the other crews aren't his direct responsibility, he feels that they are and is willing to risk anything necessary to ensure their safety.

Bottom line, for me, the sense of family is still very much intact in the Voyager fleet. It's just a much bigger family now. As to whether or not that family will ever again include's not a question of can...but should she return...and only when the story demands it.

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