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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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Hi Kirsten,
Thanks for giving us this forum. Was so looking forward to getting to ShoreLeave this year but last minute changes in life will not allow me to attend.
Here are my questions

1) If you are given the go ahead to bring Janeway back would you envision a scenario where she comes back but a changed person?
One of the things of course that was shown on screen was when Q offered Picard the chance to change who he was. He took the chance to see who he was had he made other choices. And there is of course the side of affects of being assimilated and such.
Well, I can't imagine doing anything the same way, or even in a similar way to anything we've seen before because I always try to steer clear of such things. As to what I would envision doing...that will have to wait until such time, if ever, that I actually were in a position to do it.

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2) Any thoughts on that aspect of things as it relates to elimination of the borg?
Again...I can't say much about this, but I would imagine that if Janeway did come back and found the Borg gone forever she'd be awfully pleased...assuming she had absolute confirmation that it was true.

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3) I like my fellow treklit fans am also concerned about the characters that have developed so much as a result of this tragedy would be rendered moot. Have you given though to this how to make her sacrifice still meaningful?
I can't imagine writing a story that brought Janeway back that didn't make all that has happened up to this point both to her, and all of the characters, very meaningful. Again...everyone's experiences up to this point are still there...Janeway's return would only add a new complication to the equation.

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4) If I were writing star trek I would love to see a epic length Janeway solo book of self discovery and Adventure to bring her back to the land the living. Any thoughts on something like that?
At this point, any story that featured Janeway's return would by definition have to be pretty epic. I'm trying to imagine a bigger deal and failing miserably to come up with one. But I can't really see a Mosaic style book where all of the other characters were only briefly seen...I mean...what is the return without seeing how it affects those who loved her most and have suffered her loss?

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Thanks Again for allowing this forum. I look forward to watching the panel
You are most welcome.

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