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Re: Are there any deleted scenes in First Contact?

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I thought they filmed and cut a whole sequence with Cochran being chased by Riker and Geordie, then he falls off a cliff or something and is rescued by a hastily set up forcefield or some such... or is that just internet nonsense?
I think that was in an earlier draft of the script. When Cochrane runs off, he threatens to jump off a cliff and kill himself so he doesn't have to live up to his future reputation. Riker's going to stop him, but Troi tells him that Cochrane won't get it out of his system unless he actually jumps and realizes what he's doing. So Cochrane jumps, and then Riker shoots him and the phaser blast shoves him back out of midair and on to solid ground.

The filmed version got rid of the stunt and just had Riker shoot Cochrane because he was tired of chasing after him.

I've only heard about that in interviews, though. The script on-line is the really early draft where Picard is on Earth and Riker is fighting the Borg on the ship, and Cochrane is unconscious for the whole movie.

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Also, I never understood why they didn't have Miles O'Brien on the Defiant with Worf. Especially since they both had served on the Enterprise in TNG.
He knows why.
Bravo, sir.
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