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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Hey there. If you're looking for a fun Trek Writing experience, then Vanguard is probably for you. we are a new community with three sims open and looking to expand slowly. We favor quality over quantity, and good storytelling over everything else. I've been a part of some great sim sites in the past, and some no so great ones, as I'm sure we can all relate to. What I'm trying to do here, is take everything that I've learned and creat an environment where a bunch of trekkies can get together and tell their stories without having to worry about things like OOC drama or ranks or task forces. I simply want to write some trek. At Vanguard that's what we're going to do.

As far as organization, it's going to be really simple. There is an Admin or two. What that means is that we update the site and keep things running. on that end. We also set things up for potential sim leaders. Then of course there are sim leaders. They facilitate the sims. And then there are members. They write. There isn't a hierarchy here. Just because a member happens to be a sim leader doesn't make him or her superior to a member. Same with admins. The goal here is to have a site where everyone contributes and plays as equals. No hidden forums... No cliques... no drama. Just fun.

Speaking of no Admiralty, when you create a wikidot account (You'll need it to edit bio pages, create articles, and post on the forums), I encourage you to register with your real name or a nickname of your choosing if you'd like. You can always register with your character name too, it's your choice. There is always room in the signature area for multiple character signature banners.

OOC that's pretty much it. Got a great idea for a character? Want to run a sim? Just want to join another community for Trekkies and Trekkers? Check us out. we have alot of open spots for crew on one of the sims, or for a new startup sim, as well as an area for independant character development. I can also tell you that as a sim leader your only responsibilities would be to facilitate your story. No website, no SMS, Nova or any of that. We keep everything on one forum. All the ship's information will be housed on it's wikidot page or pages as the crew sees fit.

So there is the OOC pitch. We're new. We're a little different. Come check us out!
Now for the story.....

The Zulu Sector is an area of space in the Gamma Quadrant that is home to dozens of species. It's a densely populated area that remains largely unexplored by the Federation. This is about to change. The 2nd Expeditionary Fleet, commanded by Admiral Teron Gav of Trill has been assigned to explore the region and set up a base of operations. The Chara Confederacy, led by the Allixi are wary of the Federation's presence. One of the member races however, the outgoing Arielians have allowed Starfleet to set up an outpost in their area of space. A nomadic group of traders lacking the powerful ships of their Chara Brethren, they have much to gain from a strong Starfleet presence in the area.

In addition to the Allixi and the Arielians, there are dozens of other races in the sector, many of them pre warp. Starfleet's mandate here is to explore, and establish good relations with the Chara Confederacy and the other unaligned people in the region.


Interested? Interested in running a sim in a stress free simming environment? Check us out!

or you can hit me up at

AIM - swagger456

Thanks for reading! Hope to write with you soon!
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