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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

Wolfgang Petersen is dead to me.

Does that count?

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Annoying, overblown regional accent? Believe it.
I like that accent.

The point about distaff counterparts is well taken, but man, have you seen these Batman movies? Total sausage-fests. Catwoman may be the first female in a Nolan Bat-flick who's more than a plot cipher.

Incapable of actual long-term growth?
Two hour movie. Besides Two-Face I don't think any of the villains in Nolan's films so far have had anyhting I'd call an appreciable character arc.

The problem with Harley Quinn is a Joker fangirl in a film without the Joker - regardless of whether or not she's ever met him - seems besides the point. It's a nemesis intentionally drawing reference to some other nemesis who isn't here.

God, I just realized how crowded this movie is going to likely be. It's like they never, ever learn.
They learned people really liked The Dark Knight (Joker, Two-Face) and Batman Begins (Ra's, Scarecrow). I don't blame them for repeating the process, but sure, I'd be happy with a movie with just, let's say, Catwoman.
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