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Book reading timeline

Hello everyone,
I've been reading these boards for many years and finally decided to join. I especially enjoy and respect the fact that many of the authors take the time to join in on discussions and patiently answer readers questions or comments.

I've enjoyed the direction of Trek Lit since I began reading the DS9 re-launch. Previous to that I had read different and scattered bits of Trek Lit mainly focused on TOS/TNG with Yesterday's Son being my first Trek novel all those years ago . The direction Star Trek books have taken has really drawn me back into this wonderful universe. I am one of those who loves the idea of a "shared universe" that effects all the other novels. This makes me feel like the story doesn't end when I've finished one novel and that the "next chapter" is the book coming out next.

I am very grateful for the Charting the Novel-verse created by Turtletrekker and am using it to complete a collection of Trek books based off of it. I am trying to purchase and track down only those novels that effect or are referenced in another book. Some of the DS9 books are harder to come by but I'm making steady progress.

I do have a question however: Is there a reading timeline for the TNG era of books (TNG, CoE, Titan, Voyager, DS9) listed on the web somewhere based on Turtletrekker's list? One that shows which story (novel) comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. regardless of which series? I thought I might ask before I tried to figure it out myself (selfishly using the hard work done by others ).

Thank you very much for any help and I'm glad to have finally joined this most excellent board !!

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