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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

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We've seen several prefixes, however... canonically, here's what we've seen, and the first time we saw it:

Registry Codes and Ship Types

  • NX Federation, Starfleet, Experimental (USS Excelsior, NX-2000) ST III:TSFS
  • NAR Federation, non-Starfleet, Research (SS Vico, NAR-18834) TNG "Hero Worship"
  • NCC Federation, Starfleet, Active service (USS Enterprise, NCC-1701) TOS
  • NDT Federation, non-Starfleet, Transport (SS Milan, NDT-50863) TNG "New Ground"
  • NFT Federation (Lakul, NFT-7793) ST:G, Nemecek
  • NGL Federation, non-Starfleet, Freighter (SS Odin, NGL-12535) TNG "Angel One"
  • NSP Federation, Vulcan, Science (T'Pau, NSP-17938) TNG "Unification: Part I"
I'll have to copy this down when I get home...
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