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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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What? What the hell does "I vote baby doll" mean? What are you talking about fate hate over stealing the "Joker" role? Heath Ledger's performance was raved about by the majority of the fan base.
The new movie, they need baby doll or some unknown bad guy to be a lead bad guy over the normal list...two face has been done, riddler has been done, cat woman and penguin have been done, Mr. Freeze and poison Ivy have been done, even scarecrow has bee done, they need to have a real but fresh enemy for the next movie, like the ventriloquist or baby doll, and I was saying Harley Quinn is always a cool character but she is ruined now due to the fact that nobody would risk playing the joker for atleast a decade, so no door open that can justify the Harley Quinn role...
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