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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

It's much more convenient to stream the next episode of a TV series than to have to wait for the next disc to arrive before you can continue.
The TV series I get always have between 3 and 6 episodes per disk, making TV a better bargain than movies on DVD. My problem is the opposite - I don't always want to watch several episodes back to back, and hang onto a TV DVD longer just to pace my viewing.

J. Allen wrote: View Post
What hurts Netflix is it's customer experience image. When it comes to corporate decisions, customers are completely ignored and told they just don't understand. It makes something that's already unpopular into a knock down drag out between corporate and customers, like the recent UI change for example. On the Facebook page, Netflix has also been deleting negative comments, so once more, they're just stumbling over themselves to piss people off.
Yeah, if they wanted to handle it more deftly, they should have led up to the price change with a concerted campaign to place the blame on greedy Hollywood studios. Why doesn't the Netflix page itself have a "message from Netflix" field where they can pitch the company line to customers? They should have been doing that for years, building up trust, and then they could turn this into "us vs evil soulless Hollywood bastards." Everyone hates Hollywood anyway, and it does sound like that's where the problem lies.

But deleting FB posts is just ham-handed bullshit. They're making themselves look like some kind of police state. This is a huge marketing/PR fuck-up. I would have expected a grown-up company to be a bit more clever and strategic.
I agree with others though, I hope this increase leads to more selection in streaming, and quicker new releases for DVDs.
The hold-up in expanding streaming is that cable and studios see streaming, not DVDs, as a threat to their businesses and I'm sure they'll continue to put up barriers to streaming. Since streaming will never replicate the deep library that they've assembled on DVD, I'm giving up on the very notion of it. Studios and cable will never have an incentive to play ball.

As for quicker new releases for DVDs, I'm pretty sure that needs to be tied to DVD releases for sales (to avoid cannibalization) but that's not an issue for me. I perpetually have 250+ DVDs in my queue, and I'm only dimly aware of what movie or TV show is releasing when.

But if there's a big jump over to streaming and people are no longer sitting on DVDs for months, that might solve the problem of absurdly long wait-list times.

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